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News video games 10 August 2022, 11:43

author: Damian Mista

Promising Shooter From Former Battlefield Devs Delayed

The release of ARC Raiders has been delayed until 2023. The developers said they needed time to bring out the game's full potential. They also thanked their fans for their support.

The premiere of the game from the former creators of Star Wars: Battlefront and the Battlefield series has been delayed until 2023, but not many details have been provided so far. The developer has promised that it will provide them at an unspecified time after the start of testing with players.

Former employees of DICE explain, that ARC Raiders is an ambitious project and they need additional time in order to bring out its full potential. At the same time, the team working on the game informed that they appreciate the fan support.

Promising Shooter From Former Battlefield Devs Delayed - picture #1

The latter, in turn, mostly did not criticize the decision, but said that they could still wait. The developer then assured that the team was reading the comments and thanked for the positive response.

Promising Shooter From Former Battlefield Devs Delayed - picture #2

ARC Raiders has been announced by studio Embark during The Game Awards 2021, as a cooperative shooter in which the action is observed from a third-person perspective. The game will emphasize "creative" cooperation with other players in the fight against deadly machines called ARCs.

The title will operate on a free-to-play model and will come to PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The game was originally scheduled for release this December.

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