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News video games 01 July 2022, 12:54

author: Adrian Werner

Dick Pic for God of War Ragnarok Release Date? Cory Barlog Enraged

The lack of release date for God of War Ragnarok has caused some gamers to behave in a highly inappropriate manner.

The last few days have been exceptionally hectic for those waiting for God of War: Ragnarok. There were many indications that Sony would finally reveal the game's release date during the rumored State of Play show, but the event has been delayed.

Some players are getting a bit mad

Player frustration with the lack of a release date can be understood, but some of them have gone way overboard and it's become quite an affair.

  1. Estelle Tigani, cut-scene producer for God of War: Ragnarok revealed that she was sent pictures of penises asking her to reveal the release date.
  2. The game's lead designer Cory Barlog reacted without mercy, stating that such behavior is unacceptable and appealing to fans to show respect to the developers:

"Are you fucking kidding me with this now???

I cannot believe I even have to say this but don’t fucking send dick pics to ANYONE on this team, or anyone in this industry for that matter.

They are busting their ass to make some for you to enjoy. Show some fucking respect," wrore Barlog.

  1. Some have tried to blame leakers for the situation, but Barlog said that instead of finding fault players should show some decency. The creator is seconded by Phil Spencer, who is head of the Xbox division at Microsoft.

"So well said Cory. Can't wait to enjoy GoW when it comes out. And thanks to you and the team for the amazing work that goes into creating things we love. Thank you."

Phil Spencer.

  1. This is not the only incident of this type in recent times. "The hate aimed at the visual style of Return to Monkey Island turned out to be so great that Ron Gilbert, who heads the team developing the game, announced that he would stop publishing updates on his blog and disabled the comments.
  2. Disappointment with the actions of some Monkey Island fans was expressed by Neil Druckmann (creator of The Last of Us), and Barlog shared his tweet.
Dick Pic for God of War Ragnarok Release Date? Cory Barlog Enraged - picture #1
Source: Twitter.

God of War: Ragnarok release leak?

Returning to the topic of GoW Ragnarok: Reddit user known as Pap22 claims that the Australian version of PS Store posted information that the project will debut on October 11, this year Currently the website only shows 2022, so it's hard to judge if the date has been changed or if it's a fake.

Dick Pic for God of War Ragnarok Release Date? Cory Barlog Enraged - picture #2
Alleged screenshot from the PS Store website. Source: Pap22.
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