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News video games 17 May 2022, 15:10

author: Kamil Kleszyk

Dying Light 2 Broke Even in a Month; 2022 Expected to be Record-breaking for Techland

Studio Techland expects to end the year with record results thanks to the fantastic reception of Dying Light 2.

As reported the sequel to Dying Light from 2015 sold 5 million copies within a month of its release. Thanks to this success, the Polish developer grows into a significant player on the global market of the most prestigious AAA titles.

Interestingly, not only Dying Light 2 enjoys great popularity. The first part of the first-person horror, despite the passage of time, also has a permanent crowd of fans. According to Techland's board member, Karol Bach, it has to do with the long-term support of the titles by the team.

"We've been able to do this thanks to a model based on long-term support of the titles we've developed, which translates into greater player engagement and enables us to monetize over the long term, In 2021 we had 7.6 million users owning Dying Light, while in the year of release there were 7.1 million," informed Bach in an interview for Pulse of Business [in Polish].

Techland does not throw words to the wind, and therefore the company officially announced that soon after the release of Dying Light 2 it will release two expansions, further driving sales of its title.

Dying Light 2 broke even in a month

According to the estimates of the Polish developer 2022 may be a record year for the company in terms of revenue. To illustrate the situation, Techland's CFO informed that estimated production costs of the company's latest work, oscillating around 100 million dollars, were paid within a month.

"This year will be a record year in terms of revenue - it will definitely beat 2015, when we released the first part of Dying Light. At the time a portion of the revenue went to the external publisher - Warner Bros - and this time we released the game ourselves," said Bach.

So, nothing stands in the way of confidently claiming that the sequel will beat the popularity of the original, whose sales are shaping up at about 20 million copies.

"According to experts, the game market is growing every year - it is already much bigger than the film and music markets combined. Thanks to our potential - even assuming that Dying Light 2 would have the same market share as Dying Light - we will reach a much larger number of players," Techland's board member added.

Will Techland finally go public?

Given how strongly Techland flexes its muscles on the Polish publishing market, every now and then information about the company's possible stock market entry appears. These rumors are constantly fueled by the alleged talks held by the company with brokerage houses. Unfortunately, so far we do not know any official details on this subject. Perhaps the possible success of the studio's next game - the upcoming open-world fantasy RPG - will help in making this decision. .

If you are interested in Techland's latest creation, we encourage you to watch the thrilling gameplay trailer posted below.

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