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News video games 04 August 2022, 18:57

author: Hubert Sledziewski

Extended Hippogriff Cutscene From Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is coming ever closer. Today, an entire cutscene with a hippogriff, parts of which we could see in the first gameplay trailer presented at State of Play, hit the web.

More and more clues indicate that Hogwarts Legacy, a third-person action RPG set in the universe of Harry Potter, may be one of the few that will not suffer a delay and be released in 2022. As if to confirm these rumors an old-new cutscene from the game was shown by studio Avalanche Software. It happened at this year's presentation by AutoDesk, aimed at investors.

The cut-scene was made public on the SS SS channel on YouTube and you can watch it above. If you are up to date with information on Hogwarts Legacy, you will quickly realize that the hippogriff from this cutscene was seen in the gameplay trailer presented at the State of Play show in March. At the time only an excerpt of it was shown, now we can see it in its entirety (probably).

As a reminder, let me add that Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled for release on PC, PS4, PS5, XOne, XSX/S and Switch in the Christmas period of 2022. The premises I mentioned at the beginning of this post suggest that we will enter the walls of the School of Magic and Wizardry on December 6.

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