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News video games 20 November 2022, 12:44

author: Adrian Werner

Gamers Skipped Reviews; New Pokemon Games Break Preorder Records

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet have broken preorder records for the series. We also learned the sales results for the entire series.

The Pokemon Company and Nintendo can be pleased with the results achieved by Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet, the latest installments of the popular series, which were released yesterday.

  1. As reported by Oricon, the number of pre-orders placed for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet was the highest in the history of the series.
  2. The game series is 26 years old, and since its inception in 1996 (by Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green) more than 440 million games from the franchise have been sold.
  3. The developers also revealed the playthrough time for Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet. Veterans of the series will complete the main storyline in about 30 hours. Rookies are expected to take twice as long.

The highest preorder results may result in many dissatisfied players. Reviews of Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are, in fact worse than expected. On Metacritic the games have an average rating of 77%. This is a good result in itself, but clearly weaker than most of the previous installments..

It may be some consolation that the criticism is aimed mainly at technical problems, so it remains to be hoped that they will be corrected with an update.

  1. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - official website
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