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News video games 17 May 2022, 15:12

author: Adam Adamczyk

PoE Recombinators - What are They and How to Use Them

In Path of Exile you can strengthen your character in various ways. In this guide you will learn what recombinators are and how to use them.

Source: Steam | Path of Exile

The latest update for Path of Exile has introduced a lot of additional content to the game. Sentinels strengthen our enemies, making them harder to defeat and at the same time increasing the chance of getting high quality items. If you want your weapon or armor to have better stats, then it is worth using a recombinators.

What are recombinators?

PoE Recombinators - What are They and How to Use Them - picture #1
Armour recombinator

A recombinator is an item that enables you to transfer selected attributes from one item to another. This is especially useful when a low-level weapon has a desired modification that you would see in a higher-level weapon with much better stats. There are three types of recombinators:

  1. Weapon Recombinator - destroys two weapons or quivers to create a new weapon or quiver with a combination of their properties. Sometimes the effects of the modification cannot be predicted.
  2. Armour Recombinator - destroys two armors to create new armor with a combination of their properties.
  3. Jewelry Recombinator - destroys two pieces of jewelry to create a new piece of jewelry with a combination of their properties.

How to use recombinators and where to find them?

We will explain the process of using recombinators on the example of weapons.

Right-click on a recombinator, then select two weapons or quivers to combine. Note that during this process, you must use items of the same type.

The best source of recombinators are challenging bosses. These items drop from level 68.

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