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News video games 17 May 2022, 16:02

author: Miriam Moszczynska

The Witcher's Temeria Now in Civ 6

The Witcher universe in Civilization 6 is getting closer. The creator of the mod collection The World of The Witcher shared the second of the factions - Temeria.

The second playable faction has appeared in The World of The Witcher collection in the Steam Workshop for Civilization 6. This time, players can take on the role of King Foltest and seize power in the kingdom of Temeria.

Characteristics of Temeria

Just like in the case of Kaedwen, the creator of the mod, iPlayGamesITA has described in detail how the characteristics of the ruler, the faction itself and its units look like.

  1. Foltest's unique ability - Lord of Temeria, Pontar, Mahakam and Sodden. It guarantees 6 Gold for each city-state he is a suzerain of, a 25% discount on all military units and a 50% discount on temporarily controlled troops. Foltest's troops also receive +7 to fight for 20 turns when they protect or liberate his city-states.
  2. All Temeria trade centers have a double neighborhood bonus, and strategic resources give 1 additional unit of this resource per turn.
  3. Temeria's military unit - Landsknechts. More expensive than the pikemen they replace, but also stronger; they take less time to train. Landsknechts also receive a double bonus to flanking and support.
  4. Temeria's unique building, the Temple of Melitele. A place of worship replacing the Temple, it has: +1 to space for citizens and residential areas, +2 to food. The temple also acts as a fort, giving units inside instant reinforcements and +4 to defense.
  5. Prayers to Melitele cause unimproved areas adjacent to this building to give an additional +1 to food and faith.
The Witchers Temeria Now in Civ 6 - picture #1
Source: Steam Workshop

Cidaris and Mahakam

In addition to the faction itself, the modification introduces two other cities to Civilization 6 - Cidaris (commercial) and Mahakam (industrial). The benefits of being their suzerain are as follows:

  1. Cidaris - trade routes bring +1 gold for each hex of Coast or Ocean in the starting city located.
  2. Mahakam - the civilization gains the ability to work in the Mountains. In addition Builders get the opportunity to build Dwarf Mines, an upgrade unique to Mahakam, which gives +3 to production and gold and must be placed on the Mountains, meaning that it can only be used if you are a suzerain of Mahakam.

You can read a detailed description of the mod here. It is also worth mentioning that the project is still available only in two language versions: Italian and English.

The World of The Witcher collection will also include other factions, so there's nothing left to do but wait until the creator presents us with more kingdoms from the Continent.

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