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News video games 03 August 2022, 11:26

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

New Tomb Raider Rumors Gain Credibility; Crystal Dynamics Responds

Crystal Dynamics has demanded the removal of leaks about the new Tomb Raider game. Paradoxically, this gives them more credibility.

  • The developer responsible for the leak regarding the new Tomb Raider has been forced to remove the materials.
  • This was requested by Patreon, which received a DMCA violation notice from Crystal Dynamics.
  • This confirms that the leaked info may be credible.

Two days ago we reported that leaks about the new installment of Tomb Raider have surfaced on the web. Now we have received the best confirmation of the credibility of these reports - their removal has been demanded by Crystal Dynamics itself.

Leaks inconvenient for developers

Colin Moriarty was responsible for the leak in question. He shared its details in a subsequent episode of the Sacred Symbols podcast, and they were quickly picked up by probably all the gaming websites of the world.

Now Moriarty faces Crystal Dynamics' reaction, as the company is apparently not happy that the public found out about the details of the project.

The author has received a message from Patreon saying that he must remove material containing information about the game or face the threat of having his account removed from the website.

Moriarty claims that the ultimatum submitted is due to the fact that Patreon received a notice from Crystal Dynamics for copyright infringement in compliance with the DMCA.

Of course, he had to accede to this request and you will now find a revised version of the podcaston Patreon, which is devoid of elements concerning Tomb Raider.

For us however, this is a clear signal that the information presented by Moriarty about the upcoming game was most likely true. Otherwise, their going public would not have triggered such a quick response from the studio. What we don't know is how up-to-date these reports are.

On the other hand, the author of the leak himself is not satisfied with the course of the whole situation. He published an extensive video, in which he claims that he did nothing wrong, and that the company's reaction is exaggerated.

"I acted in the belief that this was fair and in the public interest. After all, I didn't hack Crystal Dynamics to steal it."

  1. Crystal Dynamics - official website
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