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News hardware & software 05 August 2022, 14:09

author: Przemyslaw Dygas

Xbox Series S Games Will Run Better; MS Rolls Out Fixes

Microsoft has released a new set of developer tools for the Xbox Series S. They will enable developers to make better use of the console's capabilities.

  • Xbox Series S has received a new Game Development Kit.
  • It will enable game developers to make better use of the console's RAM.
  • In the future, this could mean improved game performance on the device.

Yesterday, Microsoft published a short material created with game developers in mind (via The Verge). It showcases the capabilities of a new developer toolkit that will help creators make better use of the potential of the Xbox Series S console. In the long run, this could also translate into a better experience for gamers.

Games on the Series S will run better

According to Microsoft, the new devkitt is a response to suggestions from game developers themselves. After all, for a long time one of the biggest problems for developers was the fact that the Series S only had 10 GB of RAM compared to 16 GB on the Series X.

Moreover, the console only allowed them to use 8 GB, as 2 GB was reserved for system processes. However, this is now set to change.

The refreshed toolkit will give the developers more freedom to use the Xbox Series S's RAM. The video doesn't reveal what exactly this is supposed to consist of, but Microsoft claims that "hundreds of additional megabytes of memory have become available to developers using the Xbox Series S."

In addition, GPU virtual address allocation performance is said to have been improved. This change is expected to help take advantage of the possibilities associated with unlocking additional RAM. The GPU will be able to access it faster, and thus increase the speed of information processing.

Both changes are expected to help developers take advantage of the full capabilities of Xbox Series S. This, in turn, will also translate into improved gaming experience in the long run. Developers will be able to optimize the performance of their games on the console, while its users will be able to enjoy better performance and graphics quality.

Of course, however, this applies to games that are yet to come and will be designed using the new dev kit. So we will have to wait a bit for the effects of the changes made by Microsoft.

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